Mississippi Municipal Clerks and Collector's Association

Suzette Davis, President
P.O. Box 400
Collins, MS 39428
(601) 765-1701


Fall 2022 Certified Municipal Clerk Training

October 19, 2022 1:26 PM - 1:26 PM


About the Program:

Municipal Clerk Certification Program:


For forty (40) years, the Certification Training Program for Municipal Clerks, Deputy Municipal Clerks, and Tax Collectors has offered these municipal officials an opportunity to achieve both state and national certification in their positions.  The curriculum is presented over a three-year period with two (2), two and one-half day sessions each year (a session in the Spring and Fall).  For convenience and accessibility, each of the two annual sessions is presented in three locations: north Mississippi (Oxford), central Mississippi (Jackson), and southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg).  The certification program is designed to allow entry at any of the sessions during the year.  This program is sponsored by the Center for Government & Community Development (GCD) and the Mississippi Municipal Clerks and Collectors Association (MMCCA).  It is accredited by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC).


Certification through the program is limited to municipal clerks and tax collectors and their official deputies.  The IIMC Certification required membership in IIMC for two (2) years prior to receiving the designation. However, any municipal official is welcome (and encouraged) to attend sessions or individual courses on an interest basis.


This program is designed to give more professional expertise and status to the Municipal Clerk, Collector, and/or their deputies in Mississippi. Standards for the achievement of certification have been designed by the Certification Standards Committee of the Mississippi Municipal Clerks and Collectors Association.  This committee will review all Certified Municipal Clerk Collector (CMCC) and Certified Deputy Municipal Clerk Collector (CDMCC) applications and recommend the granting of the CMCC or CDMCC professional designations.  The Mississippi State University Extension Service developed and conducts the Certification Training Program which is the education portion of the total certification procedure.


Graduates of the program are always welcome to attend all or part of a session for refresher purposes. However, the registration fee still applies.

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