Mississippi Municipal Clerks and Collector's Association

Cathy Clark, President
P.O. Box 940
Clarksdale, MS 38614
[662] 621.8136


MMCCA Summer'18 Business Meeting

June 25, 2018

Message from the President: 

Municipal Clerks,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. We are on the count down for MML. So, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that we are scheduled for a business meeting on Monday, June 25th at 3:30 P.M. in Hall A of the Convention Center.

MMC classes are Monday morning, Monday afternoon from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. At the time of scheduling the business meeting, it was not known that there would be a conflict. Therefore, Please feel free to enter our business meeting immediately following the Monday afternoon class because we will do our best to be accommodating to those that have planned to attend this class.

Please accept my apologies for the confusion. I look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks.

Angela Richburg, MMC
City Clerk
City of Byram
Post Office Box 720222
Byram, MS 39272
Phone 601-372-7746
Fax 601-373-1470


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